The Aufgussmeister drops some scented water or snow over hot stones and then he or she fans the raising steam with a rug to the sound of music for a sweaty, naked audience.

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Anyway, hundreds of students have moved, filmed, told a story or had someone else tell it. It rarely happens to have hundreds of people around, operating to create common research, and it makes you feel all the responsibility. If the gods saw in slow motion, this is what the metal festival in Bologna would abbigliamento like from the stage. When not thinking about it, we often forget how much depth sound gives to our everyday experience.

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How many of the performers at the Sound Festival actually live and work in Barcelona? Located in a former green grocery at 24 via Fioravanti, the Collective and their project XM24 have hosted a diverse array of activities, ranging from organic cooking and urban planning to language classes and alternative press. To back up this tribute, the MAMbo will host a retrospective about the first happening. The quarter is now a fascinating blend between a Kasbah environment populated with Moroccan and Pakistani immigrants, piled up in decadent blocks of flats with no lifts, and a cool barrio crowded with the artsy international youth experiencing the city's alternative nightlife. Writing and editing from our laptops, huddled around a desk, we discovered and dug deeply into the strange occurrences of people interacting with space, loosely defined, often by us, but always with the same acute awareness and care for quality writing. Yet at the same time, to deal with such an expansive editorial body was exciting.

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This year the Biennale covers square km of industrial and historical sites, divided between the cities of Bolzano, Trento and Rovereto. Religious Tourism, tinyurl. The exhibition, and the related conferences to present it, are a small example of a much broader network activity, documenting temporary and spontaneous social, commercial and architectural realities all over the world. Maybe health tourism isn't much of a community thing, and maybe the people who saw Aufgussmeister Andreas Kofler triumphing over the other Meisters last edition were mostly foreigners, but in a way or another the contest is an effective way to draw outsiders' attention and get them interested in spending a few tourist dollars in the region. Those who favor demolition want to rebuild the Berlinerschloss, the old castle that once housed the emperor of Germany and was bombed to smithereens in World War II and finally put out of its misery by the Communists. A cube with two transparent facades that connect the old German speaking center with surrounding Italian districts.

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